Procurement/Dispatching Stage
Project parts that come into need during the project design are supplied according to the conditions of the contract signed with the customer. If the project consists of many components and if a time difference is envisaged, the procurement, under this condition can be made during different times. Also, again because of the contract or in conformity with customer demands, if domestic and foreign factory acceptance of systems prior to procurement are required, the procurement is realized after the tests and acceptances are accomplished. At the end of the procurement if the systems or equipments are due to wait at a certain location for temporary acceptance, the systems supplied are made ready for acceptance prior to their dispatch to the site. If the project is comprised of many parts components in the sense of integration for ex software and hardware , prior to dispatch, the systems can be assembled to be tried in a test environment. Also, again if required the product and systems can go through a quality control process. This condition must be clearly stipulated in the specification and must take place in the contract. All or some of the systems for which the procurement process is completed, are ready to be dispatched to the site. In cases where the approval of the customer should be taken, the dispatch to the site is realized after the approval process. The dispatch is made according to the expectations of the customer, all the risks are taken under control and correct and working systems are dispatched to the site.

Installation Stage
Site preparations are finished before the systems are dispatched to the site. Such as; electrical and mechanical controller, supplementary equipment necessary for the installation… The systems that are dispatched to the site are installed to customer locations by the professional teams of AnelTech or by the partners that are confirmed and authorized by AnelTech to do the job. During the installation quality compatibility, is measured by the quality department of AnelTech. After the documentation of physical completion of the installation, the systems are ready to be activated. When the systems are activated, the working of the system in the location of installment is tested according to the conditions stipulated during the stage of project designing. The connections to other networks and centrals with which will be worked together, are completed Software and hardware controls that are determined during project designing are realized and systems become ready to be activated. In this stage, if it is agreed in the beginning, before activation, the systems are tested together with the customer. Possible shortcomings are completed before activation.

It is very important that the installations that are finalized are activated without problem and start to work productively. This stage that is realized with our professionals, documents that our systems work without problem. The problem free functioning of the systems starts the procedure of acceptance that is agreed on with the customer during the contract time. After the successful completion of these stages the systems are entirely handed over to the customer and before and after warranty support services process start.

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