The most important subject of system integration activities is the project design services. Project design can be realized before or after the customer needs appear. If customer needs are determined with a tender or specification, project design generally occurs through the processes of scaling, engineering, resource planning and project designing. In this stage, technological components, application essentials and priorities that will respond to customer’s needs are determined. In the end of the project design process a mutual agreement over the design plan is achieved with the customer. The contract, based on the project plan puts forth the responsibilities during the application of the project.

Coresistem can start the project designing process even when the customer is in the stage of thought. In this case, together with the customer, design requirements are established and customer is informed about the technological choices. Application calendar and budget costs can be made. The purpose is to come up with the most correct solution and to apply this solution in the shortest and most convenient time possible. The time spent on project designing is crucial in order to solve easily any difficulties or confusion that might come up in future.

Designing activities are valid for all the sites of system integration. In some cases in order to complete the designing work, a site study is required. Specially, in transmission systems to determine the areas of application, a site survey can be done. In this case, Coresistem teams making measurements in certain parts of the site determine the most convenient conditions for the installation of the systems. Depending on the state of the project site works can be completed in various parts of our nation or abroad. In this case a more obvious design scaling will be established. Another point is the dependence of the projects on other matters. Some projects might require to produce mutual solutions to third parties, apart from the customer and Coresistem. In cases like this, site survey makes possible the analysis of the other systems that the systems that will be set up will work mutually. In this way, technical conditions, compatibility and availability of the products that would be contacted or would be in connection, can be verified once again at the site.

Another point that is determined during the project designing process is the resources. At this stage, the human resource requirement both from the customer and Coresistem needs for portable equipments, utensils are determined. Also documentations and training plans that should be prepared before the application of the project design are designated. As well, external requirements that is planned to be used in the project are determined. To use the resources optimally is the most important outcome of the project design.

After the completion of project design, the project design operation is carried out by the project managers as a process. According to the size of the project design, project status reports are organized and distributed to shareholders. After the completion and acceptances of the design, the design’s support and maintenance process starts.