webmaintenanceCoresistem maintenance services is a customer based agreement that includes systems that are outside of warranty coverage. According to the demands of the customer, service criteria can be included to the service agreement. Once more, depending on conditions and circumstances maintenance services can be provided on call basis, engineering and technician maintenance can be realized on distant network basis. Can be agreed on, on-site support and total external resource utilization models .In exchange to the services given during maintenance services, it is provided that the customer focuses on its work. By following up closely the given services, status reports are sent to the customer. For example, statistical information such as the number of problems that are reported, which problem is solved how, is sent to the customer by regular reports. Maintenance services can comprise energy, data network, transmission and data processing systems owned by the customer. With the support of our Contracting group, maintenance services can be amplified to include building maintenance.

In maintenance services, protective maintenance is realized as a serious and regular program .Due to protective maintenance predictive and urgent repair rates are lowered. Thus customer productivity increases and customer satisfaction is raised to the top.